Whether you were suspended due to charges of client neglect or you were disbarred for escrow fraud, certain minimum conditions of character and fitness must be met before you can be reinstated to practice. And even then, reinstatement after a suspension or disbarment is by no means a given.

Before applying for reinstatement, prudence demands that thorough consideration be given not just to the underlying misconduct, but also to responses to the issues that must be addressed in the reinstatement process. Having an attorney who has focused exclusively on this area of the law for more than 35 years can make an enormous difference.

Nicholas C. Cooper provides considered advice and proven representation to attorneys who are seeking to regain their license to practice law.

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Typically suspensions from practice run from one to five years. While for many years suspensions of less than one year have been allowed in the First Department, they were not permitted in the Second Department. However, changes were adopted in the Second Department, including imposing suspensions of less than one year. Suspended attorneys may apply for reinstatement upon the expiration of the term of the suspension. Resigned or disbarred attorneys, however, must wait a full seven years before an application for reinstatement can be filed.

In either case, completing the requirements set forth as a minimum threshold is not enough. An attorney must convince the committee of their ability to uphold high ethical standards and professional conduct. Guidance and preparation beforehand is crucial.

For attorneys who have been disbarred, a specific condition requires that you admit, without reservation, that you were guilty of the charge originally lodged against you.

If you have been suspended or disbarred and would like to regain your license to practice, reinstatement is a process that attorney Nicholas C. Cooper can assist you with.

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